Commercial Blinds & Window Films


At Blinds & Window we have huge experience of almost every type of commercial blind and window film installations. Whether it is new build or fit-out, ongoing blind maintenance or rolling programmes of film or blind installation. We still approach our business with the care and attention that we deal with all our installations. We care deeply that our clients make the right decisions regarding type of blind or film.

As experts in our field we will always offer our opinion as to whether a blind design is the best and most cost efficient system for a given application. A good example of this is in our work with schools where we have been responsible for whole school installations. The proliferation of interactive light boards in the classroom in recent years has found many schools requesting blackout fabric blinds. Our approach has been to recommend a good light blocking fabric which, in certain colours does the same job as a blackout fabric but at a fraction of the cost.

It is always a good idea to utilise our free consultation service if you are unsure of the best system to use in a given situation. You can be sure that the advice we give will always be in your interests first. We have many, very happy clients that we can provide as referees who will testify to this.